Parental Survey

Carleton Childcare – Nursery and Pre-School Parents Survey Results

As always we had a good response from all parents who completed the survey, the answers are below will additional comments at the end.




These are comments taken directly from parent’s questionnaires, although names have been omitted to protect confidentiality.

Please tell us about anything we do well –

Lots of variety at preschool -trips to the library, music people outdoor and indoor play, recycling and Chinese New Year.

You give encouragement to each child as an individual, promoting good behaviour which brings out the best in children.

Friendly warm atmosphere with appropriate staff.

Very caring and flexible to suit your needs.

The planning for each child.

Health school dinners.

Learning is based on children’s own interests.

All staff are lovely and helpful.

We looked at a lot of childcare places to begin with but Carleton childcare felt right from the moment we walked in the door, so we think you do everything well.

The starter sessions were fantastic in letting my son settle in and get to know the staff and surroundings.

There are a great variety of activities offered over the course of a week. We love the outdoor area too.

Very welcoming and nurturing.

Is there anything you feel we could improve on? –

I like the themed work home , but would like more to take home.

I find it hard when my child cries but the staff help.

Update displays more regularly.

Update newsletters and photos on the website.

Lunch from school is good but adds cost.

Are there any other comments you would like to add?

I love the set up and care you provide.

Very happy and pleased we have recommended it to many.

Great setting and lovely staff – thank you

Carleton Childcare is a lovely, friendly safe environment for our children – well done.

I would recommend Carleton Childcare as it has a warm and friendly environment and encourages learning in an accessible way.

My daughter loves coming to Preschool.

Everything is great

A few words from Sarah (owner) Thank you again for a great response to our questionnaire, I am thrilled at all the wonderful comments and kind words about our little setting. All of the comments are gratefully appreciated we always welcome the positives but are also genuinely interested in hearing where you think we can do better.

In response to the need for improvement, we will address these with the individual; however I would like to state that we have addressed all of the comments such as opening hours and we are looking at this for the future.

The website has been updated more regularly and you can see pictures in the password protected area with a password, just ask at the office.

Some children are reluctant to access the art and workshop areas but the key person tracks all children’s learning to ensure that they all have a go.

The birthday board is updated when a child’s birthday happens and they add their name to the cakes.


Additional comments

The different areas you provide are very good

My daughter always has plenty to do

I give you 10/10 for the things you do

Would like more sports on the field – we have done a lot of sports on the field this year especially with the Olympics starting soon, maybe we have not communicated this effectively. We now have a daily activity board noting ‘what we have been doing today’ so you will be fully aware of all activities

More themed and role play days – we have several themed days in the setting such as world book day, we will ensure that all children take part in these activities.

Help with learning how to out on coats and shoes – we encourage self-care and practice this regularly leading up to starting school as it is a skill they need for PE.

More writing – we have a writing area and also many opportunities to make marks around the setting this is achieved in a number of ways such as mark making in the sand. If you want us to concentrate on a particular skill with your child please speak to your keyworker who will help set specific activities to enhance an area.