At Carleton Childcare we are registered with Ofsted and understand and respect their standards for care and education and we aim to exceed them. Our registration certificate can be found in the entrance way and you can read a hard copy of the certificate or follow the link below to download a copy.

Click here to view our Ofsted Inspection Report

I am delighted to announce that we have maintained our grade of ‘Good’ for the quality and standards of our provision. I would like to thank everyone for their support, both staff and parents and I am incredibly proud of our result.

Summary of our key strengths

  • The manager regularly seeks the views of children and parents
  • Strong partnerships are promoted with parents, local schools and provide children with consistency.
  • Children are motivated and eager to join in activities
  • Children’s physical and emotional wellbeing is supported well
  • Children are self assured, self motivated and develop confidence in their own abilities.
  • Staff have a robust understanding of their roles to keep children safe
  • Staff deliver good quality teaching across the preschool
  • All children are active and confident learners
  • Babies move around freely to explore the enabling environment, which stimulates their curiosity and exploration skills
  • Children are motivated to play and explore and develop the key skills to promote further learning
  • Staff are warm and welcoming and establish respectful working partnerships with parents
  • The staff are good role models and give clear explanations of expectations
  • The environment is planned to enable all children to access the resources independently.
  • All children are making good progress. Children are developing skills to help them prepare them so that they are ready for school. Regardless of the grade ofsted give in their reports, they always give areas of possible development. We are practiced at self evaluation as it’s something we already do, here are the areas we will concentrate on for future development.


  • Development areas
  • We need to provide children with the opportunities to enhance their critical thinking. For example letting children represent and develop their own ideas in activities.
  • We need to maximise opportunities to share information with parents. For example ensure all parents complete a comment form if they miss parent’s evenings or events.


  • The inspector was very thorough in her assessment of the setting and also made some lovely comments in her feedback, which I would also like to share. The inspector recognised that we have strong working partnerships with parents and that children’s progress is better than typical and that the quality of teaching is consistent.

If you would like to see a full copy of the report, you can access it at the  link above

Ofsted require

  • ·         Ratios of 1;4 for children aged 2 years old
  • ·         Ratios of 1;8 for children aged 3 and over
  • ·         1 first aider on premises at any one time
  • ·         50% of staff to be qualified to level 3
  • ·         Supernumerary manager
  • ·         Students of 17 or over can be counted to numbers

At Carleton Childcare we insist on

  • ·         Higher than required ratios of staff to children
  • ·         All staff working with the children to have been first aid trained
  • ·         90% staff being qualified to level 3
  • ·         2 staff holding an Early years degree
  • ·         A supernumerary manager or supervisor is always on shift
  • ·         A teacher  or Early years professional working directly with the children
  • ·         No student being counted to numbers