January 2018

Welcome to our new starters at Carleton Childcare – Erin, Freya, Zayn, Alexia and Darcy

The staff and I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for all the Christmas Gifts. It was a busy half term at the end of December and we had lots of events, which I hope you all enjoyed. I hope that everyone has liked all the Facebook posts that have kept you up to date throughout last term. I would like to ask you to rate us on our page so that everyone can see what we do.

We have staff news too Aunty Lisa who works lunches and as a childcare practitioner has announced she is expecting and will be leaving for her maternity in March, we wish her all the very best.

We have now almost finished the decorating, thanks for bearing with us. We just have some new boards to put up. Can you please help your child with self registration as we have moved the trays

Thanks for all your continued support throughout the year – here’s to 2019!   Sarah

Fees and chargesFees are payable within two weeks of the beginning of term to avoid a late payment charge of £10 per week. Thank you to all parents that pay their fees promptly each month/term.

School Admissions – September 2019 If your child is starting school in September 2019, you need to complete an application form by 15/01/2019. Forms are available online at or alternatively visit your chosen school.

Holiday Club february

We will be open for February half term holidays as usual 8am-6pm. We have lots of fun and activities planned. If your child is not booked in and you want sessions just pop in the office for a booking form.

Children’s belongings

PLEASE label all children’s items such as coats, bags water bottles and gloves – items become misplaced easily at Nursery. We have labels you can purchase which can be personalised for your child.

Children in nappies

Please ensure that you provide enough nappies and wipes for your child’s day at nursery and that these are frequently replenished. We do not hold any supplies in the setting. Thank you.

Illness and Medications

It has been unfortunate that many children have been suffering with childhood ailments. I am writing to remind you of a few minimum exclusions for illness. We have a full and comprehensive list in our policies and the guidelines come from the Department of Health, if you would like to see.

Antibiotics – first 24 hours at home

Conjunctivitis – sent home and medical advice sort, up to 24 hours

Diarrhoea – Minimum 24 hours clear possibly to 48 hours if severe.

High temperature – 24 hours

Please can you pass information from your child’s red book, such as 2 year old development checks or speech and language referrals. This helps us support you in conjunction with other agencies . Thanks

Speech and Language Language Leads

Here at Carleton Childcare we are committed to ensuring children progress well with speech and language in the Early years EYFS, as this runs through all aspects of learning.

Several staff have recently been on specific speech and language training for all ages and we are developing a team of Language Leads who will enhance the planning and structure activities that promote speech and language

In the new year you will see a wealth of information around the setting and we will be working on our own action plan, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.



Pre-School                                                                            Holiday Club dates

OPEN 3rd and 4th January

OPEN 7th January

CLOSE 15th February

OPEN 18th February

CLOSE 22nd February

OPEN 25th February

CLOSE 5th April

News from the baby room

The staff in the baby room would just like to say thank you for all our wonderful gifts and support over the last year. We hope that you had a lovely Christmas and a Happy new year.

This month we will be continuing to look at winter and ‘cold ‘things. This includes different textures and feelings. We will be wrapping up warm and going for lots of winter walks

The children will also be celebrating Chinese New Year and making lots of crafts such as masks, lanterns and dragons.

Tax Free childcare

If you are a working parent, you could get £2.00 from the government for every £8.00 you pay for childcare. If you are eligible, you can get a Tax free childcare account. For more details visit

This could potentially save you up to £2000 per year, please ask at the office if you have any questions. There has been a lack of Parents nationally taking up the scheme, so see if you are eligible for savings today!

Session Times

I just want to remind parents of the session times in Nursery

Full day care  Sessional day care

7.30am-6.00pm   full day   8.45am – 3.45pm

7.30am -12.45pm   half day   8.45am -11.45pm

1.00pm -6.00pm   12.45pm -3.45pm

We can arrange alternatives to these with negotiation. However I must reiterate that we close at 6.00pm each day. One week recently, the staff did not leave on time for 4 days in a row. We accept that there are exceptional circumstances like a traffic accident or cancelled train which means parents may be late. However we are only insured until 6.00pm for childcare and the staff have commitments themselves after their shifts. When you know you are going to be late, please arrange for an alternative person on your contact list to collect your child.

Our polices state a charge of £10 per 10 minutes for parents repeatedly late after 6.00pm. This goes directly to the inconvenienced staff. First time there will be a warning and then charges will apply.

NOTE this also applies to lunch session end times as it may affect ratios with staff if children are not booked in and don’t leave on time.

Thanks for your understanding   Sarah